RCR Episode #22: January 2012

Panelists: Carrington Vanston (Hosting), David Greelish, Earl Evans Topics: Bob Cook from Sun Remarketing interview David does a guest spot on the Open Apple podcast 6502 in 40-pin DIP package relaunched Vintage Computer Festival East 8.0 CRAVCon 2012 KansasFest 2012 Audio feedback from Ken Gagne of Open Apple Commodore in the Movies Old school computer […]

RCR Episode #21: January 2012

Panelists: David Greelish (host), Earl Evans, and Carrington Vanston Topics: The John Sculley interview Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address John Sculley Was Our Friend CNET – C64 – 30 years of wins and fails Tandy Color Computer Illinois landfills ban electronics Thomas Kurtz, co-inventor of BASIC, to keynote VCF East 8.0 Dartmouth BASIC computer […]