RCR Episode #25: March 2012

Panelists: Carrington Vanston (Hosting), David Greelish, and Earl Evans Topics: Original Apple II source code for Prince of Persia found in closet The PET serial registry project Apple Corporate Museum article @ ClassicComputing.com @ forbes.com @ cultofmac.com Apple Archives Stored in Secret Stanford Warehouse Mozilla announces BrowerQuest Our new website and blog! Retro Show Announcements: […]

Not another retrocomputing blog?!

The Retrocomputing Round Table has launched a new blog on its web site, rcrpodcast.com. The RCR Crew announced the new blog on the blog itself, which was very postmodern of them. They announced the announcement of the blog in their first post. The announcement of the announcement’s announcement was withdrawn, because it just wasn’t as […]

RCR Episode #24: March 2012

Panelists: David Greelish (Hosting), Earl Evans, and Carrington Vanston Topics: Retro Show Announcements: Vintage Computer Festival East, May 5 – 6 KansasFest, July 17 – 22 Apple museum opens in Moscow Happy 20th birthday to a trillion MIMEs Mapstalgia: drawing video game maps from memory Did Microsoft’s BASIC licensing kill the Apple IIe? Space Invaders […]