RCR Episode #26: April 2012

Panelists: Earl Evans (Hosting), David Greelish and Carrington Vanston Topics: R.I.P. Jack Tramiel: Improbable PC Pioneer: Commodore’s Jack Tramiel, 1928-2012… YouTube: Commodore 64 – 25th Anniversary Celebration Book: Commodore: A Company on the Edge Apple ][ turns 35: 1977 West Coast Computer Faire program Wikipedia: Apple ][ Book: The Best of Creative Computing: Volume 3 […]

Speaking of Fallout…

Fallout: Nuka Break started as a fan film that then launched a 6-episode web series. It has terrific production values and great call-backs to the Fallout and Wasteland games. The series is a big bag of fun. It’s about a former Vault 10 Dweller, a former slave, and a not-so-former ghoul who wander the wasteland […]

Fallout is free at Good Old Games today

Do you like retrocomputing games? Of course you do. Do you like the Fallout series (except Tactics)? Of course you do (except Tactics). Ah, but do you know that the first Fallout game is free today on the Good Old Games site? Of course you … hey, where did you go? Oh, I see: you’ve […]