RCR Episode #47: The genesis of collecting

Panelists: David Greelish (hosting), Steven Weyhrich (apple2history.org/), Jeff Salzman (vintagevolts.com/) Topics: Host’s topic: The genesis of collecting – what made you start? OzKFest in Brisbane, Australia, July 27-28, coinciding with part of KFest (which runs from July 23-28) Vintage software, including games, find a home in archives The Twiggy Macintosh prototype is alive… David Schmenk‚Äôs […]

RCR Episode #46: All-in-one office suites

Panelists: David Greelish (hosting), Earl Evans and Carrington Vanston Topics: Host’s topic: All-in-one office (“works”) suites Atari founder to publish book about finding the next Steve Jobs The Strange Beauty of Historic Computers Brought Back From the Dead iCapture! for iPhone The return of square monitors Raspberry Pi Gets RISC OS Tablets, Mice, and Trackpads: […]