RCR Episode #49: Down the slippery slope

Panelists: David Greelish (hosting), Earl Evans and Carrington Vanston Topics: Host topic: “What shoved you down the slippery slope?” Podcasting live from VCFSE iSteve movie on Funny Or Die PDP-11 software engineering job in 2013? Yep! Project Unity: one box that plays 18 different retro game console formats TRS8BIT March 2013 A Complete History Of […]

RCR Episode #48: April 2013

Panelists: Earl Evans (hosting), David Greelish and Carrington Vanston Topics: Bill Gates and Paul Allen recreate classic 1981 Microsoft photo A Talk With Computer Graphics Pioneer Ivan Sutherland The 22nd Annual “Last” Chicago CoCoFEST! KansasFest 2013 opens for registration Disney shuts down LucasArts History of the modern graphics processor (1 of 4) Vintage computers made […]