RCR Episode #53: Reproduction vs. The Real Thing

Panelists: David Greelish (hosting), Earl Evans, Paul Hagstrom (twitter.com/yesterbits) and Carrington Vanston Topics: Host topic: Reproduction vs. The Real Thing? Interview with Mike Douglas, creator of the new Altair 8800 Clone Steve Wozniak test-drives Apple 1 computers Steve Jobs video from 1994 – he expected to be forgotten by history KansasFest and OZ KFest KansasFest […]

RCR Episode #52: Unfinished business

Panelists: Carrington Vanston (hosting) and Earl Evans (hosting) Topics: Host topic: Unfinished Business: Games and projects we keep telling ourselves we’ll finish RISC OS from the dawn of ARM, now on Raspberry Pi Documentary on the early UK video games industry PDP-8/E is alive Fun 5 minute video with Amiga co-designer Dave Needle E.T. game […]