RCR Episode 68: Repairing vintage computers

Panelists: Earl Evans (hosting), Paul Hagstrom, Michael Mulhern, Steven Weyhrich, and Carrington Vanston Host’s Topic: What items, tools, techniques and resources are good for repairing vintage computers? The Retr0bright Project iFixit Store Retro Computing News: Maximite BasicBoxX (BBX) Kickstarter CGCOLORMAX2: Colour Maximite Geoff Graham March 2011 Silicon Chip Magazine Firmware update for GoTek Floppy Emulator […]

RCR Episode 67: Does 8-bit programming make your a better modern programmer?

Panelists: Earl Evans (hosting), Paul Hagstrom, Michael Mulhern and David Greelish Host’s Topic: Does programming 8-bit computers make you a better programmer of modern systems? Retro Computing News: A.P.P.L.E. Posts First Year of Australian Apple Review The Australian Apple Review The Mac Turns 30: Apple’s Macintosh Turns 30: Did You Know It Almost Failed? Mac […]