RCR Episode 73: BASIC and System/360 at 50

Panelists: Carrington Vanston (hosting), Earl Evans, Paul Hagstrom, and Michael Mulhern Host’s Topic: Happy 50th Birthdays Both BASIC and the IBM System/360 are turning 50. We discuss the impact and importance of both. Retro Computing News: 50 years of BASIC History/Timeline of programming languages Chipmunk BASIC BASIC variants still popular today Wikibooks: BASIC Programming IBM […]

RCR Episode 72: What do people actually do with retrocomputers?

Panelists: Earl Evans (hosting), Paul Hagstrom, Michael Mulhern, and Carrington Vanston Host’s Topic: What do people actually do with retro computers? We discuss feedback and ideas from our listeners about how they use (and abuse) their retro computer collections. Retro Computing News: Commodore 64: a visual Compendium by Bitmap Books TNMOC digitally recreates Bletchley Park […]