RCR Episode 84: Milestones of 1984

Panelists: Michael Mulhern, (hosting), Earl Evans, Carrington Vanston, David Greelish, and Jeff Salzman Host’s Topic: Milestones of 1984 Retro Computing News: Amiga Book kickstarter Wasteland 2 explodes onto the gaming scene like a blood sausage Destiny is dull; play Marathon instead Marathon: Rubicon X History of Personal Computing podcast Does your ancient computer belong in […]

RCR Episode 83: Milestones of 1983

Panelists: Paul Hagstrom (hosting), Michael Mulhern and Mike Whalen Host’s Topic: Milestones of 1983 Retro Computing News: Which Apple II, if you can only have one? Why didn’t 6502 computers get faster? History of Personal Computing podcast Newly discovered Apple I up for auction Chris Osborne on using modems without a land line Level 29: […]