RCR Episode 88: Special Guest: Ben Heckendorn

Panelists: Earl Evans (hosting), Paul Hagstrom, Michael Mulhern, Jack Nutting, and Ben Heckendorn a.k.a. “Ben Heck” Host’s Topic: Special Guest Ben Heck Topics Covered: Ben Heck: BenHeck.com The Ben Heck Show Twitter: @benheck Apple-1 build, part 1 Apple-1 build, part 2 Apple-1 build, part 3 Atari 800 laptop ZX Spectrum, part 1 ZX Spectrum, part […]

RCR Episode 87: Milestones of 1987

Panelists: Paul Hagstrom (hosting), Earl Evans, Michael Mulhern, and Jack Nutting Host’s Topic: Milestones of 1987 Retro Computing News: Bil Herd on the Amp Hour The History of Muse Software The Birth of Visual Basic EDSAC passes half-way infrastructure milestone The Internet Arcade Woz still thinks about the Apple II ABBUC Competitions 2014: AtariAge: ABBUC […]