RCR Episode 131: Vintage Computer Festival West

Panelists: Earl Evans and Randy Kindig (hosting), and Evan Koblentz (expert witness) Host’s Topic: Vintage Computer Festival West Randy and Earl wonder about VCF West, and Evan comes to the rescue, in this Very Special Episode of the Retrocomputing Roundtable (recorded jointly with Floppy Days). Also, the first of two consecutive episodes crossing over with […]

RCR Episode 130: What good is source code?

Panelists: Paul Hagstrom (hosting), Earl Evans, Jack Nutting, and Carrington Vanston Host’s Topic: What good is source code? As more original source code becomes available (we’ll talk about a couple [Apollo Guidance Computer and LucasArts’ Habitat] later this episode—but before that fairly high profile source code from Apple II DOS, Xerox Alto, Microsoft BASIC, CP/M, […]