RCR Episode 172: But the menus won’t stay open

Panelists: Paul Hagstrom (hosting) and Carrington Vanston (not hosting) Topic: But the menus won’t stay open Calmer days. Running old Mac OS software in an emulator, a reminder of how much extra whizzbang is distracting us now without necessarily adding much to the quality of the experience or production. Might it actually be useful to […]

RCR Episode 171: Shipwrecks

Panelists: Paul Hagstrom (hosting), Earl Evans, and Carrington Vanston Topic: Shipwrecks eBay has gotten big enough that collectors with too little space, as well as non-experts, heirs, estate sale pickers, etc. can make rare and interesting vintage computer items available to those of us who are interested in them. Being good at finding things at […]