RCR Episode 219: Databases

Panelists: Earl Evans (hosting), Paul Hagstrom, Jack Nutting, and Carrington Vanston Topic: Databases For episode 0xdb, we talk about our experiences with dedicated database programs, what some of us learned and didn’t learn while studying computer science, employment as consultants, and other marginally related things. Topic/Feedback links: Self-contained tape loader for the ZX Spectrum Mini-PET […]

RCR Episode 218: KansasFest 2020 Megapodcast

KansasFest 2020 Megapodcast Welcome to Retro Open Poly Roundtable Chicken Missile Lines Drop Museum Gruecast. The annual “megapodcast” from KansasFest, this time conducted virtually. Note: Reading the links below could be “spoilers” for the game. Participants: Quinn Dunki (Blondihacks, Open Apple, Retrocomputing Roundtable) Earl Evans (Retrocomputing Roundtable, Next Without For, Retrobits) Ken Gagne (Polygamer, Transporter […]