RCR Episode 221: Unexpected Bonuses

Panelists: Earl Evans (hosting), Paul Hagstrom, and Blake Patterson Topic: Unexpected Bonuses Along the way as we collect things, strange things turn up in what we get. We talk a bit about unexpected bonuses in amongst our finds. Topic/Feedback links: Charles finds whimsical characters on chips TRS-80 Model I (article, Nuts and Volts, May 2002) […]

RCR Episode 220: Terminals

Panelists: Paul Hagstrom (hosting), Jack Nutting, and Blake Patterson Topic: Terminals For episode 220 (Think: VT-220), we talk about our various experiences with terminals. Topic/Feedback links: VirtualColussus is working on a 3D simulation Intel 8080 ICE development system ZX Spectrum Next 2nd kickstarter Retro Computing News: Game Controller – H.A.L. Labs Gizmo – Cloning the […]