Corps memory

Check out this fantastic series of videos about how computer memory works. They were produced by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1962. Retro-excellent and instructional: Now get out there and compute, soldier!

Depends what you mean by “cool”

Guy-friendly gear guide Cool Material has selected a baker’s dozen retro gaming goodies to get your thumbs twitching: Check it out: 13 Pieces of Retro Gaming Gear

Byte reprints 1977 Woz article

As part of the 35th anniversary of the Apple II, Byte has reprinted the original 1977 Apple II system description by Woz. You can download a PDF of the article as well. The PDF includes the accompanying Apple ad and an order form. Board-only systems started at $598, while complete systems started at $1298.00. A […]

Apple III versus Space Invaders

What do you get when you cross an Apple III and a game of Space Invaders? I’m not sure, but this video does convince me you should never, ever cross an Apple III: Project Genesis – Playing Space Invaders

Speaking of Fallout…

Fallout: Nuka Break started as a fan film that then launched a 6-episode web series. It has terrific production values and great call-backs to the Fallout and Wasteland games. The series is a big bag of fun. It’s about a former Vault 10 Dweller, a former slave, and a not-so-former ghoul who wander the wasteland […]

Fallout is free at Good Old Games today

Do you like retrocomputing games? Of course you do. Do you like the Fallout series (except Tactics)? Of course you do (except Tactics). Ah, but do you know that the first Fallout game is free today on the Good Old Games site? Of course you … hey, where did you go? Oh, I see: you’ve […]

Not another retrocomputing blog?!

The Retrocomputing Round Table has launched a new blog on its web site, The RCR Crew announced the new blog on the blog itself, which was very postmodern of them. They announced the announcement of the blog in their first post. The announcement of the announcement’s announcement was withdrawn, because it just wasn’t as […]