RCR Episode #45: First computers vs. REAL first computers

Panelists: Carrington Vanston (hosting), David Greelish and Earl Evans Topics: Our first computers vs. our real first computers Project Genesis SBC6120 single board PDP-8 replica SEGA to releae retro gaming inspired SEGA Note laptops Classic Sega Consoles Reinvented as Gaming Laptops Terry Stewart Mike Willegal powers up his reproduction SCELBI for first time New vintage […]

RCR Episode #44: February 2013

Panelists: Earl Evans (hosting), David Greelish and Carrington Vanston Topics: Retrochallenge 2013 Winter Warmup PedalBox by Shelldozer Simon game with rotary controller Cassette storage system for 6502 homebrew Carrington gets a Gravitar arcade cabinet What do check/do first when you receive vintage computers Streaming is replacing the web as we know it Another run of […]