RCR Episode 193: Uncollecting

Panelists: Paul Hagstrom (hosting), Earl Evans, Jack Nutting, and Carrington Vanston Topic: Uncollecting If you have to cut down (for whatever reason), how would you do it? Where would you start? Narrow focus on brands, models? Give away, sell? Topic and feedback notes: The Mysterious and Strange Origin of the Floppy Disk The countdown clock […]

RCR Episode 192: Clearly, capacitors capacitate

Panelists: Earl Evans (hosting), Paul Hagstrom, Jack Nutting, and Carrington Vanston Topic: Clearly, capacitors capacitate It’s episode 0xC0. We talk about feedback. Topic and feedback notes: Sundog Resurrection Project One of Blake’s capacitors failed Exidy Sorcerer II Fixing a TRS-80 Model 100 LCD issue Newly manufactured PC-1 LCDs are in Video of the installation of […]